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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a conversation with Levi (Bub)

I jotted down a conversation of question and answers I had with my 4 yr old son, (Levi)ticus.  Although this has nothing to do with health or food, this blog was inspired by my two boys Levi(Bub) & Ezra(Chunk) so I thought you would have fun reading this! 

Mom: "Where do babies come from"
Levi: "Pray to Jesus and He makes magic and thy come in your tummy" "also from outer space, the mainland, Disneyland, the wild or even the ocean!"

Mom: "How do the babies grow?"
Levi: "in your tummy, it gets fatter and the baby gets bigger"

Mom: "How do babies come out?"
Levi: "push and they POP out!"

Mom: "What are mommies for?"
Levi: "to spank, love, have fun, play games"

Mom: "What are daddies for?"
Levi: "to spank, have fun, be nice, tell you if you have to go to bed or not."

Mom: "How do you get money?"
Levi: "Jesus gives you money, He lets the man drop money on the ground and you can use that to buy food or a toy."

Mom: " How old do you think you have to be to drive a car?"
Levi: "big"

Mom: " What is big?"
Levi: "tall and someone who can watch someone else."

Mom: "How would you take care of someone if you were alone?"
Levi: "be nice, if there is a bad guy call a policeman and when he is done fighting the bad guy hell tell you to get a mom."

Hope you enjoyed my conversation with Levi!! I sure did:)
I love you Levi,


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