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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Raw Food Challenge.

The majority of my diet is pretty raw, I eat ALOT of dark green salads, veggies and fruits and love nuts and seeds but I have never dug deep and learned how to make any recipes. If you think about a raw food diet, it sounds like it could get pretty boring huh? Salads, fruits and more salad! But.. there are so many many amazing recipes to follow and so interesting to learn about also.
It can get very overwhelming but I did find a site that I really like with great easy to read info and lots of great recipes also.  Here's the site:

I plan to make my shopping list and get all my ducks in order before I start. Once I feel I have enough info and food I will start my 10 day challenge. I do want to make sure I get enough nutrition and eat a well balanced diet while doing this.  
I will be keeping a blog of my challenge once I start so check back regularly!!
For those of you who are interested in going raw for a while, please check out this site!!

So Ill see ya soon!!