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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

always sick? see what you can do.

     When you feel a cold coming on, or your kid's noses start running or they feel feverish, what is the first thing that you do?
For most people popping a cold and flu pill or giving kids Tylenol would be their first choice. Well, unfortunately that is not the best  thing to do. When you are "sick" what your body is telling you is that your immune system just cant handle what's going on in your body. The Lord created our bodies to heal itself by giving it the proper nutrition and good supplements.  You want to help your body not hinder it.

Here are some things that I always have in case of colds or fevers, I'll explain a little later:

olive oil
eucalyptus oil
apple cider vinegar

For example, when a child has a fever, that's telling you that his or her immune system is at work trying to fight a virus or bacteria. If you immediately use medicine to drop their fever, you are hindering their immune system at work. Fevers are good to a certain degree, they help build immunity and send you a message that something is going on in their body.  On the other hand, if their fever is very high (over 102 degrees F) then I would do something to bring it down (lots of natural approaches to that, well talk about that later.) If their fever is still low and their are acting normal then its best to let it run its course.

You should always try your best to eat well and keep your immune system up so that viral or bacterial cold won't hit you often, but when they do, you have to do things to boost your immune system so that you recovery is quicker.

So what can you do to boost your immunity?  Here are a few tips I suggest that will help you or your child to recover quicker:

lots of water
reduce sugar intake
no processed foods (anything with white flour-breads, crackers, rice, cakes etc..)
eats lots of fruits and veggies
soup is good that is made with veggies and organic chicken or fish in clear broths
-in other words, stay away from a lot of junks!!

back to the ingredients I keep on hand:

I always mix my eucalyptus oil with olive oil and rub in on their chest and back
I smash 3-4 garlic cloves and mix that with olive oil and rub it on their feet then cover their feet with socks. Also this is great to put in a dropper and drop into their ears if they tell you their ears hurt. Believe me, it can save you a trip to the Dr. and stop them from taking nasty antibiotics!
I always have herbs like echinacea on had and administer that to them about 3x per day
Force them to drink water throughout the day esp. when they have a fever also making popsicles with pure juice is great for them.
When your child has a fever you want to make sure they stay hydrated also to help them have a bowel movement, which in most cases will make their fevers go away. Alot of times their is an obstruction in their colons that will cause fevers.
Don't give them a lot of juice because it will spike their sugar levels which causes your immune system to drop, water is best or coconut juice and limited amounts of orange juice.
Apple cider vinegar is great for everything! I mix a tbsp. with water and drink it quick, it is very strong, but you can add some honey to it to make it easier to drink. I also use it as a toner for my face! I have not given any to my kids because its pretty strong.

Just remember that sugar, processed foods or anything that is not whole or natural will lower your immune system and stop you from recovering quicker. You want to boost your immunity as quickly as possible!!  So before you reach for Tylenol or Benadryl, go for lots of water, fruits, veggies and good whole supplements!!


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