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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

pure necessities.

Just thought I would share three little inexpensive things that I feel are great necessities to have especially with children.


-add a few drops to bath water for a great aroma and relaxation
-mix some with pure EVOO(extra virgin olive oil) and rub some into your temples for relief from a headache
-add some into your laundry: baking soda and lavendar oil make a great eco-friendly laundry detergent


-as a chest rub: add a few drops to EVOO, jojoba or any carrier oil and use a rub on the chest when you or your child has a cough or any type of congestion. The oils open the airways and help breathing.
-put a few drops of this on a tissue and leave it in your room or wherever your child sleeps and it will fill the air and breathing will be much easier
-add a few drops to a humidifier and your room will be smelling great and will also help breathing and congestion

garlic is such an awesome herb. it has so many benefits I just dont know where to start. Garlic is know for cooking but it also has been a remedy for so many ailments for years. Garlic, when smashed, releases antibacterial properties great for killing bacteria and viruses. Here are some uses that I use it for:

-earaches and infections-smash a few cloves add to olive oil warm up and drop into infected ears! works wonders and it will save you from buying antibiotics and going to the dr.
-also for ear infections, you can take a whole clove and stick it into your ear..really!!
-smash a few cloves and put them under your feet, cover with sock and the gases from the garlic will go through your skin and help with colds, infections etc...
-add some to EVOO and use it as a chest and body rub..not that great smelling but it will do wonders!!

I hope you find these three things useful to you, I will never go without these in my home!!
~happy shopping!!
all of these can be found at any health food store

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