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Sunday, December 6, 2009

new stuff.

 New interesting studies done on immunity

Here is a picture of the herb echinacea purpurea

As you all know I use an elderberry/echinacea/propolis herbal syrup for my kids every night. As I spoke with a worker in the wellness department at Down To Earth, she informed me that these particular herbs should NOT be used when your children are sick(fever). There have been new studies done on immunity. These herbs, I guess, are very strong that when the body is sick(low immunity) it shifts the immunity so far up that one can develop pneumonia. I got the "jist" of it, but have not done enough research.  It was very interesting but understood.

So as an everyday supplement for a healthy child, these herbs are fine.

Here are some great everyday immune boosters:

probiotics-take at night so that it colonizes in the stomach and intestines
vitamin D3
oil of oregano-also great if sick if not taken everyday
reishi(mushroom)-also great if sick and not taken everyday

My next post will be on vitamin D3 so check back for that. Surprisingly this vitamin is the "latest" super immune booster!!

So, before you go out and buy something do some research, look at the pros and cons of everything! Ask your wellness advisors they are pretty knowledgeable. And if you feel you do not get enough info from them, do it yourself!! Knowledge is Power!!

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