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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

kids love this.

Ever have to hold, well more like pin your child down to take their vitamins? Well, I did, but not anymore. I started using this herbal supplement called SAMBUCCUS made by a co. called Nature's Way. There is one that contains only elderberry herbs and another has elderberry, echinacea and propolis. These herbs are great at building immunity. Its made into a syrup so it is very sweet and kid friendly. It comes with a little shot cup. My son takes about 2tsp a night and loves it, well maybe not love, but will do it on his own will:)

If you can recall, when babies are 4mos of age their dr. prescribes a vitamin supplement call poly drops. If you look at the ingredient in that their are a lot of not natural things like...parabens and red and yellow #3 etc... You may think all vitamins are good for you , but read the ingredients alot of the cheaper brands contain so many fillers, that it will do you more harm than good.

If you have little ones I really recommend SAMBUCCUS formula for them. You can purchase it at Down To Earth or Whole Foods, I have only found the one with the 3 herbs at DTE though. Get your children started on healthy supplements now. It is the best time to build their immunity and to teach them about health so when they are older they have the wisdom to make healthy choices for themselves!!

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