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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

flavor extracts

I found this product while reading a blog and thought I'd share it. They are fruit/flavor extracts and if you are like me, watching how much sugar you consume or how much you give your kids, I think its pretty nifty! 
Consuming fruits are good for you but you have to remember that fruits do have a lot of sugar. Yes, its natural sugar, but if you are insulin resistant or diabetic, too much fruits could be danger. I make smoothies for my boys almost everyday. I use a lot of berries, bananas, spirulina, chia seeds or throw in what ever I have. I seem to run out of bananas really quick and thought of trying one of these flavor extracts in banana flavor. They contain no sugar(bananas have a lot) and it will hopefully give it the same taste.
Please don't go out and substitute all your favorite fruits for extracts, fruits are good especially organically grown ones, but if you bake a lot or do a lot with fruit, try replacing one with one of these extracts. They have ones in chocolate, coffee and every other flavor you can think of!! 
I'm definitely gonna pick me up a few soon:)

Here's the link, check them out!

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