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Friday, April 2, 2010

it doesn't have to be toxic!

A Natural Alternative to Cleaning:

If you buy all your cleaning products from a typical Wal-mart or Target, I would say 99% of them contain harsh, toxic and danerous ingredients. This isn't necessary, especially if you have children! Why lock your cabinets, afraid of your toddler getting into them, hoping you will never have to call your local poison control center? Well, with natural ingredients for cleaners, you will have peace of mind that if they do get into something, it will not harm them. So, you are probably thinking, "if it's natural how will it kill germs". Well, there are many herbal products that are naturally occurring  anti-bacterials, like:

garlic(topical and internal)
tea tree oil(topical)

Recently I have been having lunch with my son at his school a lot. There are about 5 children per table and when they are done eating they clean up and get a a book to wait for the others to finish up. In the mean time teachers are liberally spraying the tables with 409. The fact that the smell not only burns your nose hairs, but more importantly, the other children's food are being flavored with 409 airborne particles...yum! So I voiced my opinion (more so since my mom is one of the teachers:). My mom of course agreed and brought it up to the director.So now at least they will wait for all the kids to finish before they clean, but supposedly according to FDA, they have to use at least clorox and water!!! Okay....So, go figure, thats how much the FDA cares about our health(THEY DON'T) I will share this recipe for a great natural, non-toxic cleaner with  her and with you:

2 cups water
2 cups white vinegar
1tsp tea tree oil
1tsp lavendar oil

yup that's it!! I just made some this morn and you know what else is great, it very cost effective. Water: free, white vinegar: couple bucks for a huge jar, oil: each one is about 8-10 bucks each, but last forever!!!

Oils can be purchases at any health food store or some of the local grocery stores now have a health section so you can check there too!!

Hope you enjoyed this and esp if you have little ones as I do, choose to switch to this more natural option!!
Save yourself and your children from all types of ailments, allergies and asthma by switching to non-toxic cleaning!!
If you are skeptical about making your own, Seventh Generation is a great brand to go with.
Live free, be well and HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY
Jesus died for us, take care of your bodies!!

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