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Friday, October 30, 2009

hair to "dye" for.

Ughh..who likes white hair? But is what you are using to cover that safe? Let's talk about hair dyes. More than half of American women color their hair.  But some research suggests that having "hair to die for" may well mean that.(excerpt from "Green Goes With Everything").
Here are some facts after doing a study on commercial hair dyes:

~women who used permanent hair color at least once a month for a year or longer were twice as much to develop bladder cancer as women who didn't use them.
~women who used permanent hair color for 15yr or more were more than 3x as likely to develop bladder cancer as women who didn't use them.
~Hairstylists and barbers with just one year or more of occupational exposure to permanent hair dyes were 50% more likely to have bladder cancer than those who didn't.
there are also other cancers related to prolong use of hair dyes.
The cause of these increased cancer rates is a chemical called p-phenylenediamine (PPD).  It exists in virtually all commercial hair dyes.  Ammonia and peroxide, which make it easier for hair color to penetrate hair, also pose dangers, mostly from skin irritation.
Here are some alternatives to use:
--Vegetal Colour,
--Light Mountain Natural,
--Naturcolor by Herbaceuticals,

I use the brand, Naturtint, from Down to Earth (shown in picture) and it works perfectly fine. I used to use commercial hair dyes and they would literally BURN my head...that should have told me something a long time ago! I am so glad I switched! For as much times that I need to color my hair.. I want it to be safe for me.
give it a try.. please

~Be Well~

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